Welcome to the Institute of the Daughters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus - Fortpotal

Motto: Love God and Make Him loved. A motto we adopted from St. Therese.

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To evangelize

Our Vision

A life giving religious community reflecting the kingdom of God.


Fostering a family spirit among the Daughters of St. Therese of the child Jesus animated by Love and Prayer.


We are an Active Religious institute

Core Values

Love, Trust, Humility, Simplicity, self- sacrifice and hospitality.

Our Brief History

We are consecrated   religious women called to serve and love God freely and inclusively; to possess nothing so as to share everything; to listen so as to discern God’s will.

We are an institute of Diocesan Right, founded in Fort Portal Diocese, Uganda, East Africa, by the Right Reverend  Francis Xavier Lacoursière. We live in  Community whereby we share together our giftedness and our common goal.  Our principal patroness is Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, patroness of missionaries. We cultivate a special devotion to her and imitate her faith, love, trust, humility and spirit of self-sacrifice. Currently we are serving in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan.


Celebrations of perpetual vows and anniversaries on 6th January 2024 at Virika cathedral – Catholic diocese of Fortportal. 

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