our background

We are a Religious Congregation of Diocesan Rite founded by Rt. Rev. Francis Xavier Lacoursière, a Missionary of Africa in 1937.  He was assisted by Rev. Fr. Ulric Beauchamp who acted as Principal teacher in effecting the formation of the first sisters.  The call to found a native congregation in Tooro came as a result of the need to evangelize the local people.  At that time Christianity was new; many people were illiterate and had not received the “Good News.”  The first sisters, therefore, were to be assistants to the priests in the work of organizing and instructing the Catechumens in the Christian Faith.  This was a response to what the Founder had at heart:  “Let the Good News be proclaimed to all.” And this also echoes the missionary spirit of St. Therese of Lisieux who, after meditating on 1Corinthians 12:1; 13:1, discovered that her true vocation in the Church was “To Love God and to Make Him Loved.”